Iroquois WebQuest (created fall 2002)

   This WebQuest (first introduced by Bernie Dodge) was developed for the IDE 601 course, Information Technology in Educational Organizations. The WebQuest was developed by myself and Colleen Tierney (a graduate student with the School of Information Studies). We geared the content towards middle school students learning about the Iroquois nation and conflict resolution. Ruth Small, professor with the School of Information Studies asked to use our WebQuest in a book she was currently writing.

   This instructional product shows a good beginning of my abilities. Prior to this first course, I had not created web pages before nor had I heard of a WebQuest. Colleen and I did quite a bit of research into the Iroquios nation for this project. We were pretty satisfied with the result and the course taught how different technologies are used in schools.

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Front-End Analysis and ID Model Development (created spring 2004)

   I took IDE 632 and IDE 712 in the same semester and was able to find a topic to encompass both instructional products. At the time, I was volunteering with the local Boy Scout council to re-organize their monthly leadership meetings.

   These instructional products show my understanding of the ADDIE process and how it applys to a particular context. Here, I provide the reports that I wrote illustrating the process I went through.

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Click to access the ID Model Report:
   In these courses I also developed a file system. As I describe in the following report, I began to classify all my resources using the ADDIE model. I applied a color system to binders and text books according to which class they belonged.
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Web page design and Multimedia Presentation (created fall 2004)

   This web page and multimedia presentation were created in the IDE 552 course, Digital Media Production. The web page was my initial attempt at creating a e-portfolio "template". At the time, I wias still cultivating my file system using the ADDIE model. The multimedia presentation was made using Macromedia Director. This too was attempting to organize resources using my ADDIE file system.

   In this course I really gained experience in developing graphics, animated gifs, and roll-overs on web pages. I also video taped my first presentation and edited the movie file on both a MAC and PC.

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Presentation WebQuest and Database (created summer 2005)

   This WebQuest was developed for the IDE 656 course, Computers as Critial Thinking Tools (taken outside my Master's degree program). The Webquest was created for graduate students to develop an e-portfolio with HTML pages.

   This instructional product shows some evolution in my WebQuest "capabilities". My understanding of WebQuests, and my abilities in creating graphics and web pages have grown quite a bit.

Click to access the sample e-portfolio WebQuest:
For the purpose of this course, this project also had a corresponding lesson plan.

   In this course, I also developed a database for my instructional resources. I propose to recommend a database such as this to all graduate students as a menas of organizing their own resources.

   This database was a continuation of the ideas started in IDE 632 in developing a file system.

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For the purpose of this course, this project also had a corresponding lesson plan.
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