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Current Professional Experience (last updated August 2005)

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC)
Currently, I work with the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), a research facility at Syracuse University. I design instructional materials for their web data warehouse users. I have designed the TRAC Help web site which includes job aids and short instructional movie clips.
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Quickstart Guide
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Current Academic Experience (last updated August 2005)

In the spring and summer of 2005, I completed IDE 756 - Design and Development of Distance Education, IDE 656 - Computers as Critical Thinking Tools, and IDE 736 - Motivation in Instructional Design.
Computers as Critical Thinking Tools

I completed three projects for this course, each a lesson plan and MindTool (Jonassen, D. H., 2000) demonstration. Each of these MindTool demonstrations involved an aspect of preparing / completing a graduate program, such as IDD&E.

  • Graduate Research Organization Project for Education (GROPE) [Lesson Plan]
    • Throughout the graduate program, there are many textbooks, additional assigned readings of journal articles, websites, and various other course supplemental resources. Creating a database to organize these resources enables the user to quickly and easily retrieve a particular resource for later use. Organizing these resources using the APA format makes properly citing sources easier as well.
    • One important aspect of this process is developing a naming convention and set of categories. i.e. using the ADDIE model to organize information in the database. If all instructional design entries are organized using a designation of analysis, design, development, implementation, or evaluation, queries can then be developed to research a particular category. Developing a naming convention for personal files provides consistency and order. Personal files can also be added to the database and linked to their electronic location.
  • Presentation WebQuest [Lesson Plan]
    • The graduate program culminates with the creation of a portfolio and a comprehensive exam. In this technological age, an electronic portfolio is a versatile and worthwhile option.
    • For properly designing a portfolio suitable for the web, a graduate student must be familiar with the principles of design and how to create a web page.
  • Comp Exam - Expert System [Lesson Plan]
    • The purpose of the Comprehensive Examination is to test the student's ability to synthesize and apply knowledge of the content from the core courses. The general approach is to present a common context and problem to be addressed along with a set of criteria that reflect integration of most if not all of the core course skills and knowledge in an applied exercise. During the three hour examination, students are expected to show mastery of material covered in the core courses through application to new contexts or content, through integration across areas, or through summarization and critique of alternative positions.
    • Developing an expert system in preparation for the exam, provides a framework for studying for and taking the exam.
Motivation in Instructional Design
One of the projects I completed for this course was an analysis of my TRAC Help pages from a motivational perspective. Motivational Instructional Design


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