I am applying to the School of Education, Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation (IDD&E) Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) program, with the option to apply to the doctoral program at a later date. I have received an offer of another full-year research graduate assistantship with Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University. I am currently working with them in a graduate assistantship, designing an instructional website to inform and instruct TRAC users of the data and tools available on the TRAC website. In the coming year, I would like to continue my work with them in designing computer based instruction (CBI) modules for the various tools available to users.

I would like to continue my studies in IDD&E. My Master’s concentration was in Interactive Technology and Distributed Learning. In this capacity I have learned a great deal. When I started the Master’s program, in the fall of 2002, I had not previously created a web page or worked with graphics. Now I am capable of designing intricate web pages, creating graphics, creating and editing movies, and designing animated presentations. My Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Education prepared me for the learning theories in the IDD&E program, however, I learned so much more. I now consider myself competent in analyzing instructional situations and content, learning outcomes, and learning styles. I can design and develop rich instructional products. I can implement and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and instructional products. Yet, I have so much more to learn.

Working full-time and taking classes part-time really does not permit one to do much extra research on any particular topic(s). I have always had an interest in technology, but I have always approached it from an angle of knowing what I do not want to do with my life. Early on, I learned basic programming on a Tandy TRS 80 system. As much as I enjoyed that early programming experience, I realized that I do not want to be a software programmer. I even took several programming classes during my undergraduate coursework; however, I still had no interest in entering the software development field. More recently I have gained experience in the IT technical support field, working for the School of Information Studies. I have enjoyed learning the more technical aspects of computer software and hardware support. I have learned enough to know I do not want to be a helpdesk support manager or a system administrator.

Having recently completed my Master’s coursework in IDD&E, I am increasingly aware that my true interest lies in the integration of technology into teaching. I have a need for more information. I have a gap between the skills and knowledge I have gained and the skills and knowledge I have yet to discover. I want to research different educational systems and one day, perhaps, design and develop a prototype for an educational system of the future. First I need to fill the gap. I hope that continuing my studies in the IDD&E CAS program will assist me in my plans.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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